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Aferdeath Book 1

Hi, I'm Michael Eddy.  So, you're here.  Welcome to Heaven...
This website is basically designed to 'showcase' my novel, AUTUMN AND THE AFTERDEATH.  It's as yet unpublished, but has been polished, disassembled and reassembled until it shines like glistening, polished silver. Yup.

You can read much more about the book by following the links on the left; but in brief, "Autumn and the Afterdeath" is an Epic Comic Fantasy.  Note the capitalisation of each word; I feel it's relevant.  Some other words that are applicable:  Dramatic, Irreverent, Existential, Romp, Gore, Angelic, Furry, Filthy, Silly, Moving, Thought-provoking...

Think:  Watership Down meets Bad Taste; or Carry On His Dark Materials... or Lord of the Rings with less rings, and (marginally) more voles.

Book One (for there will be more) is approximately 116,500 words long.   If you like what you read here, and are interested in representing / publishing me, please contact me via the 'Author' page.
All text and images © 2012 Michael Eddy... any breach shall result in prosecution, inquisition, and being hacked to bits by a flaming sword.